Jewish Women's Circle 

An ongoing program designed for the contemporary Jewish Woman





Chabad of Mt Olympus  and the Jewish Womans Circle invite you to a special  evening for women   


Our annual Challah Baking workshop     

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Bake Challah for your family and

make another one

and share it with a friend, neighbor, senior or person in need

Challah Making/Baking is a special womens mitzvah that brings healing and recovery for loved ones and friends who are sick, and is also a special Blessing for Parnossa - success in business and making a living


Surprise your family and yourself with mastering the art of baking Challah...


Permeate your home with that delightful smell simmering out of the oven...


Enjoy baking - and tasting - unique recipes you won't find in the bakery...


New for this year Mother Daughter Challah Baking



This baking workshop will teach you how to mix, knead, shape, rise  

and basic Challah making - and the special Mitzvah of "separating the Challah"

From the classic sesame covered Challah to the sweet (raisins, apples)  


to the unconventional (how does Jalapeno Challah sound?)

For women and girls over the age of 6

We will be providing aprons, baking tools and ingredients

Don't miss the Challah and dip buffet with delicious Salads, Dips and Desserts !


Thursday, June 19, 2014



@ Chabad of Mt Olympus   



Cost: $15 per person   


RSVP: [email protected]

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