Synagogue Services

Experience Shabbat like you've never have!

The Synagogue
All our services are held in an informal, non-judgmental,
warm environment
 with people from all backgrounds and affiliations.

  • Children's program
  • Easy to use English Prayer books & Chumashim
  • Frequent discussions
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • English translation & transliteration
  • All are welcome             

Shabbat Services

(October -April)-Friday Eves: 6:00pm-6:30pm Schedule subject to change in middle of Winter

May- September Friday Eves: 7:30pm-8:00pm please rsvp to join us for Shabbat Dinner
Tel. (323) 650-1444-323-821-7618



Shabbat Mornings: 9:30am Torah class Tanya Chassidus

Services 10:00am -12:00pm

followed by a delicious Kiddush with Cholent 



Enjoy a traditional Shabbat dinner or lunch, with open round table lively
discussions, the singing of traditional songs, great Kosher food and lots of L'chaim!
All are welcome.

To Sponsor a Kiddush please contact us or

click here for our donation form

Kiddush Sponsorship is $360 

Please RSVP
Tel. (323) 650-1444- 323-821-7618

Sunday Mornings Mens BLT 


Bagels Lox and Tefillin 

Davening at 9:00 am followed by Breakfast 


Email: [email protected]

Online: click here