Motivated by a profound love for every Jew and spurred by boundless optimism, Chabad sets into motion a dazzling array of programs and services to serve Jews from all walks of life.
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  • Rosh Hashanah 2022 FAQObserved on the day G‑d created Adam and Eve, it’s celebrated as the head of the Jewish year. The...
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  • G-d Said ‘Yes’ to My Prayer As I greeted our guests at the door, I froze. Her oversized sweater said it all. Read More
  • Thousands Expected in Ukraine Synagogues For Rosh Hashanah Rabbis and volunteers are distributing 30,000 holidays packages Read More
  • The Solution Is in Your Hands!Daily life may desensitize us from the beauty of Judaism. How do we rekindle that spark? Read More
  • “Clean Up and Carry On!”Is living as a committed Jew difficult to you? Here's the answer from this week’s Torah portion. Read More
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The sound of the shofar is not the cry of a human voice. It is the howl of an animal’s horn. It is a cry so primal, so raw, that the mind ceases to ponder, the heart suspends its throb. With the fury of a beast pent up in its cage, the naked essence of the soul bursts out, howling, ripping through heaven’s curtains, awakening the primal essence of all being. The raw core of your soul below touches the Primal Essence above, and now their reunion may begin.
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