The Journey of the Soul II Course 



Journey Of The Soul Course II

A interactive Kabbalistic GPS Course- Mapping our Soul and helping to navigate its inner world. 

Disclaimer: Please do not attend or express any interest in this course... if you do not desire to increase, meaning, substance, fulfillment, joy, mindfulness, spiritual & G-DLY awareness, and/or do not wish to work on changing and refining yourself and transforming yourself, your relationships, and reawakening and rekindling your unique mission and soulful essence, and purpose in life. If however you would like to try to accomplish some of the above.... then please join us for this life changing Course!! 

Class 1 Thursday June 29th- 8pm The Kabbalah of Dreams at the Chabad Russian Synagogue 7636 S. Monica Blvd in West Hollywood - Dreams and the Sub-conscious... Do our Dreams have real substance or are they much about nothing..Messages in dreams....The Souls ascent to higher Realms... 


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Class 2-  Thursday July 6th at 7:30pm  at a magnificent Estate in the Hollywood Hills with stunning views. sushi salads and wine will be on the menu. Address given once signed up.. Topic:  The Kabbalah of Names


Learn the spiritual secret DNA code of your soul and its expression in the personal toolbox of your soul. Explore how your Jewish name is the gateway to your unique mission and purpose in this world. Join us for an in depth working exercise and powerful journey into your core identity and what potential and possibilities and capabilities you have in within you 


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Class 3 - Thursday July 13th- 8pm The Kabbalah of Personalities at the Chabad Russian Synagogue 7636 S. Monica Blvd in West Hollywood Topic: Personality Unlocked: The Secret of Human Behavioral Patterns


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Do you ever speak about someone being a certain "type"? Are there certain people that you naturally understand, where others baffle or even intimidate you? How well do you understand your spouse or your children? how well do you understand yourself?:)



Often, relationship frustration stems from different basic needs. By getting a deeper look into yourself and others,you can learn to better address your own core needs and others'. With key insights into your inborn nature, you will appreciate having the light on.  



Put your energy where it counts.


What we will do: - Take a self-evaluating test (all results are private)-Explore personalities -Laugh! You will be surprised how predictable people are  

Guest Lecturer Mrs Rochel Schmukler a well know and popular Life Coach and inspirational speaker


Class 4- Wednesday July 19th- The Kabbalah of Struggle Held at the home of Rabbi Yitzi and Dina Hurwitz Address given once signed up  - Topic: Finding Strength, Courage, Faith, & Hope in Seemingly Insurmountable Hardship


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Rabbi Yitzi & Dina Hurwitz and their seven childrens lives were turned upside down when Rabbi Yitzi was diagnosed with ALS in 2013




Hear from Rabbi Yitzi and Dina first hand how they inspire and adapt and transform the lives of the people around them and instill hope, and faith amidst the most trying challenges. 


Class 5 Thursday July 27th  The Kabbalah of Mindfulness at the Chabad Russian Synagogue 7636 S. Monica Blvd in West Hollywood  

Topic: Discover the Mind-Body Approach to Emotional Healing and Clarity and learn how to be Stress Free 

Explore cutting edge concepts from psychology, Kabbalah, Mind-Body healing mindfulness and neuroscience to uncover the optimal path for emotional healing Learn how to connect to your true self and experience G‑d and spirituality. Participants will be guided to experience the steps necessary for deep emotional healing and self care.


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Guest Lecturer Dovid Meshchaninov M.S. is a mind body practitioner with a masters degree in counseling and psychology. Dovid combines Holistic healing and  mind-body modalities  including somatic experiencing and craniosacral therapy


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Class 8- Thursday August 10th- The Kabbalah of Life after Life- On a rooftop with a view in Hollywood and gourmet offerings of Wine & Cheese, and Bourekas and other dairy delights. Topic: The Jewish View and experience of NDE (Near death Experience) 

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What is a NDE? Are NDE's Scientifically proven? Is there anything unique about a Jewish NDE? What happens during an NDE? Is there knowledge gained from these experiences that can benefit us all?


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Guest Lecturer Mrs. Nomi Freeman Has studies hundreds of cases of NDE's and personally interviewed many people who have experienced them. She is a well known and highly acclaimed  speaker and lecturer on Spirituality, the Afterlife, and Mysticism throughout the United States and internationally as well.


Classes $20 per class & $100 for entire course  sponsor $180 

to sign up rabbi@ 323-650-1444 or 323-821-7618  

Class is dedicated in loving memory of Harav Menachem Aharon Ben Harav Yosef Hakohein Rodal  

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