Take the Red Eye to Sinai



Saturday Evening June 8th 2019 

9:30pm @ CMO 

After the Communal Holiday Dinner 

Come join us for a personal journey of discovery, inspiration, and study as we ready ourselves for the gift or receiving the Torah once again at our annual

Shavout all night learning experience.

Coffee, Drinks, and Desserts, and refreshments will be provided 

Topics we will be discussing debating and studying

 Ted Talks

led by members of our community

ted talks.jpg 

1) Jewish Queens of Royalty and Leadership - Chaya Mushka Rodal

Shavout is the Holiday when we read and study the Scroll of Ruth grandmother of King David and mother of royalty as Shavout is the day of Kind Davids birth and death. Hear all bout 5 fascinating historical accounts of Jewish queens from our glorious past.


2) Kosher or Not:  Swordfish:- Boris Gurfinkel

In another installment of the debate about  whether a Bird, Fish, or animal is Kosher we present to you the interesting case of the swordfish

Was it in Canaanite Hebrew script or our Ashurit Ktav(script) of today

3) Guns & Moses: Matt Sherman

Jewish laws regarding  Intruders and property owners- rights and wrongs 

4) Engraved in Stone: Are Pictures permitted on Tombstones? Jennifer Barbosa

Gravestones/Headstones Monuments what can be placed on them beyond text...

5) The history of the Jews of Kurdistan: Bobby Babak/Malka 

Hear the amazing stories of the culture and region and customs of the ancient Kurdish Jewish  Community

6)The Kabbalah of Kabbalat (receiving the) Hatorah: Ofer Raveh

Hear deep insights into the mystisiscm  and cosmic understanding of the giving of the Torah

7) The International Date Line and Shavout: Can Shavout be on a different day for me then the entire community I am in?  Rabbi Sholom Ber Rodal