Take the Red Eye to Sinai



Saturday Evening May 19th 2018 

9:30pm @ CMO 

After the Communal Holiday Dinner 

Come join us for a personal journey of discovery, inspiration, and study as we ready ourselves for the gift or receiving the Torah once again at our annual

Shavout all night learning experience.

Coffee, Drinks, and Desserts, and refreshments will be provided 

Topics we will be discussing debating and studying

1) Ted Talks

led by members of our community

ted talks.jpg 

2) Were the Tablets (Ten commandments) rounded or square 

Where is the source for imagery of rounded or square Luchot (Tablets)

3) What letters and script was the Torah given in?

Was it in Canaanite Hebrew script or our Ashurit Ktav(script) of today

4)Famous Reincarnations within Jewish history

From Moses to Rabbi Akiva some of our foremost leaders were reincarnations of past Biblical Souls come hear some of these fascinating stories and explorations of the journeys of the souls

5)Where are the ancient Biblical lands/cities of  Ophir/Chavilah/Tarshish/Nineveh/Kush/

Enjoy a Biblical exploration of Geography, and Archaeology