Our CampGanIsrael Experience


This has been our third year attending Camp Gan Israel and we must say, it’s been the best one yet!  The camp has overwhelmed us with excitement and entertainment, whether it was A.T.V.-ing in PismoBeach, Paintballing at Proving Grounds, or studying the many ways of Torah and Mitzvahs.  Not only have we learned how to put on Tefillin and Tzitzit, but we also learned why we put them on.  We learned what it means to be a real Jew and to be proud of who we are.


        However, we must say that the best part of our trip was travel week.  The expedition was filled with its share of ups and downs, especially in San Francisco. And boy was it great in Great America.  It’s really amazing how a Chabad from Mt.Olympuscan reach the boundaries of Alcatrazand live to tell the tale.  However, we did not stop there, we crossed the red Golden GateBridgeand made it in time for Shabbat in Sacramento.  Although Shabbat is a day of rest and no rush, it went by extremely fast; we guess time flies when you’re having fun. 


Like any other Chabad Camp, we put on tefillin and daven every morning.  Then we proceeded on to our learning groups to learn torah and to our surprise; we are still putting on tefillin and davening every morning.  Although we are part of a chain of Camp Gan Israels, we are still an army of one.


From Russiawith love….&

Zev and Yosef