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Give Chai-Life and get Chai


Chai club.jpgThank G‑d as Chabad of Mt Olympus has grown and our budget has grown. So, I am turning to you to join our Chai Club. Pick a dollar amount in multiples of CHAI – LIFE = $18 ($36, $72, $150, $180, $1,800 etc.) and we will set you up on anautomatic monthly charge. You can always increase it or decrease it. You may also choose to wrap the 12 monthly donations into one annual donation. 

Chabad of Mt Olympus  is locally funded and supported and fully depends on local support to provide the vital and important year round programming.

 Become a Chai Gold Donor by committing to $1800 for the year ($150 monthly) Become a Partner Sponsor by committing to $1000 for the year ($90 monthly) 

Or commit to any other amount of $500, $360, $180, $100 or other and help support the important work of our center. 

Chai Club Form 

I would like to become a Chai Founder and donate $1,800 a for the year, 
I would like to become a Partner Sponsor and donate $1,000 for the year. 

I want to make a contribution of

 $36      $54           $90     $150      $360  
 $720      $1,800       $3,600      other  $ 

Recurring donation
  Your recurring gift will create an ongoing relationship between you and the Chabad community you are supporting and will join you with the"Chai Circle."
Please charge the above amount to my credit card on the first day of each month for the following duration:
  first month to be charged
  Last month to be charged

  I would like to wrap up the 12 monthly donations into one annual donation of  


 In Memory of  
Make a donation in memory of a deceased family member or friend.

 In Honor of  
Make a donation in honor of someone who has inspired you. 

* Denotes required field 
First Name*
Last Name*
Address Line 1*
Address Line 2
Post Code*
This is my  home  business address.


Card Type
Card Number
Expiration Date    CVV  3 digits on back of card
Email Address
Reconfirm Email Address
 You may acknowledge my gift to my email address
 Please acknowledge my gift by mail to the above street address. 
 Please contact me to discuss additional giving opportunities.
By Mail: Chabad of Mt Olympus - 8124 Laurelmont Dr LA, CA 90046