We’re excited to announce that Chabad of Mt Olympus has undergone a major move and expansion!!  We’ve gone from one location on Laurelmont Dr.  right into all your living rooms. To be clear: all classes, events, programs, and services usually held @ CMO will no longer be held on site and will be moving right into your living room for the next little while.


Here is the Virtual Lineup for the Week of

March 23-28th 


Daily Schedule




Daily Kup l of Torah 

A Morning Torah Thought 

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Virtual Minyan/ Morning Services




Here is the Zoom Link

Join us as a community for a virtual Shachrit (morning Service)

Everyone bring your Siddue and guys your Tefillin and join together as we daven and pray to Hashem 




Learn while you Lunch 

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Join us for a short 30 minute virtual class where we will cover some fascinating topics and issues in Judaism


 Tuesday March 24th

What does Judaism say about the Coronavirus?

Historical accounts of Judaism and Epidemics/Pandemics/plagues and the Halachic,  Rabbinic, and Jewish Communal responses to them



7:30pm  an hour long class 

Tuesday March 23rd 

  Here is the Zoom Link




When Body and Soul Sit Down for Dinner

A Pre Passover Class

There are fewer things more diametrically opposite than body and soul. Yet, they are tasked with working together. In this lesson, we learn that the Afikomen isn’t just a thing you steal at the end of the Seder for a new X-box—it’s a primer of how to be a religious pro: to do what you love and love what you do.



We are opening up the Chabad Hebrew School this week to ALL JEWISH CHILDREN in the area (and beyond)! Engage your children with fun-filled Passover lessons, prayers, stories, and games.


Below, please find an array of resources and practical guidance, as well as your where you can select from a variety of online courses and classes to advance your Jewish knowledge.

here is the link

We also assembled select prayers as well as other resources, including a free Kaddish Service for those that cannot make it to synagogue.

Please visit our ever expanding section on our website at www.chabadmtolympus.com/corona

As always - and especially now - I am available for you and your family in whatever way you need. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

We are aware of many people right now, especially elderly, who could use our help, whether it be to pick up groceries or medicine and daily calls for assistance. We have a team of volunteers ready to help, if you know anyone that needs help, please contact us on the direct line 323-821-7618 or rabbi@chabadmtolympus.com

May G‑d grant our world healing real soon, and especially the ultimate healing — the coming of Moshiach!

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Sholom & Rochela Rodal