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CMO Security Fund sponsorship/Contribution Form

  • Dear Friends:

    In light of recent events highlighting the necessity of increased security in Jewish communities, we, the Chabad of Mt. Olympus Security Task Group, like most Jewish organizations throughout Los Angeles and the United States, are addressing the issue by implementing preventative measures to keep our Shul and community safe.  Elan Carr, the US Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism, said during an interview just last month, "Any Synagogue, every JCC, should have guards. G-d willing, may they never be needed, but they should be there." 

    Since May 11, we have had an armed security guard every Shabbat,  Jewish Holiday, and special event, that we have hosted at CMO, and any other venue we have hosted an event at, and Hashem willing we plan on doing so into the future, including throughout the High Holiday Season. 

    Some of the security related measures we have implemented are:

    1) We installed a new non-electrical front entrance gate combination lock. 

    2)We had an active shooter/attacker training workshop with safety professionals trained in Jerusalem. 

     3)We have community members who are trained, prepared and given special clearance to defend and protect the Shul in the event of an attack. 

    4) We have met with the LAPD Hollywood Chief of Police and his staff and our Community CLO,  and we  have updated them regarding our security setup and infrastructure. and they have advised us steps to implement a more secure and comprehensive security apparatus and foundation.

    5) The LAPD will be sending  patrol cars by our Shul on a regular basis 

    6) The LAPD is in discussion with us to get a decoy police car parked in front of the Shul during the High Holidays.  

     7) Going forward, we will be fencing in the parameters of the property that are not completely closed off, we will upgrade the camera and video surveillance, lighting and entryways and exits. 

     8) We have set up a plan if G-D Forbid there is a emergency, a crisis or an active shooter, where the Security Coordinators will implement the Safety directives and protocols, and quick response measures. This includes escape routes, defense measures, and communication with first responders.

    9) We have and continue to consult with experts in order to receive proper guidance and pay competitive fees. 

    10) We will continue to have awareness meetings, sessions, and training for our community periodically, instructing and guiding in implementing and knowing what to do in  necessary security situations.

    Friends, it has been said that “forewarned is forearmed”, and whether it be Pittsburgh, Poway, mysterious fires at Massachusetts Chabads, the weekly assaults on Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, or the many other threats to and attacks on US Jews that we read about, including too many in Los Angeles, we have been forewarned, and it is our duty to respond, as best as each of us can, to the threat our special community now finds itself under, so that we are able to continue to take all precautions and prevent any possibility of an attacker succeeding in disrupting activities at Chabad of Mt. Olympus. 

    Simply put, there is no choice.  However, all of these measures come at a cost, the largest being the ongoing presence of an armed security guard every Shabbat, Holidays and special event. This is a cost we must bear as partners in our Shul community and take on the responsibilities, along with the privileges.

    To that end, we are funding a Security Account, to be overseen by the Security Task Group, to pay for security measures.  While no Jew will ever be turned away from Chabad of Mt. Olympus, we are asking everyone  to commit to an amount to contribute to partner with us in this endeavor. It can be $18 monthly  or a one time amount of $180 or $360 to directly fund Chabad of Mt. Olympus’ ongoing security needs.

    In the Security Fund form below there are options for monthly recurring fees or paying a one time annual sum or amount 

    All contributions to this fund will go directly and only to CMO ongoing Security needs and infrastructure 

    Whether you come to Chabad of Mt. Olympus twice a week or twice a year, the Shul is here for you, its safety is important to you, and we must be free to observe Holidays and celebrate Simchas in peace, serenity, communal solidarity, and in security .

    We are grateful for everyone’s understanding of this new reality and their participation in this most important sustained effort, and partnership

    Warmly and kindly,

    The Security Task Group members:

    Matt Sherman - Cochair

    Vadim Levotman – Cochair

    Rabbi Sholom Rodal

    Eric Fihman

    Inna Gofman

    Moshe Hebroni

    Yana Shukman

    Andrei Zinca

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