Take the Red Eye to Sinai



Tuesday Evening May 30th 2017


Come join us for a personal journey of discovery, inspiration, and study as we ready ourselves for the gift or receiving the Torah once again at our annual


Shavout all night learning experience.

Topics we will be discussing debating and studying

1) Ayin Hara -The Evil Eye 

Can we harm another person through wishing them harm through our thoughts and resentments and negative energies... or it will have no effect on that person.... and if it does what can be done to remove the evil eye....

2) Raiders of the lost Ark

Where is the ark of the Covenant now... Hear about this mysterious story about what happened to this holiest object in Judaism 

3) Foodiasm

Which traditional Holiday food is the most important and the most symbolic for the Jewish people. from the latka, to the hamantasch to Cheesecake and Kreplach Matzah Balls Gefilteh Fish, Kugel...

4) Kabbalah Magic 

Is Kabbalah magical or rational how do we define and understand Kabbalah and Mysticism.

5)Can I eat at a Vegan Restaurant 

A Halachic discussion about the kosher viability of Vegan Restaurants 

6) Revival of Ruth 

How to Make Judaism Real

Shavuot is the day we received the Torah, and on it we read the Book of Ruth. What is the reason for this custom, and what can we learn from it? Ruth teaches us what it means to accept the Torah—on the Torah’s terms.