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Schedule of Services

Schedule of Services


Passover Schedule: 



Passover Schedule: 


Sunday, April 9th

Formal search for Chametz after nightfall 8:05pm 


Monday, April 10th 

Fast of the First Born
Eat Chametz until    10:44am
Sell & Burn Chametz before  11:49am   


First Seder Night 
Light Candles at  7:03 pm  
First Night of Passover
Evening Services at  7:00 pm

followed by the first Seder 


Tuesday, April 11th


Morning Services at  10:00 am   Evening Services at  7:00 pm followed by the 2nd Seder
Second Night of Passover   
Light Candles after 8:08pm 

Count Sefirah 1 


Wednesday, April 12th


Morning Services at  10:00 am    Evening Services 7:00 pm 
Holiday Ends at  8:08pm

Count Sefirah 2



Friday April 14th

Light Candles at  7:06pm  

Evening Services at  7:00  

Count Sefirah 4 


Saturday April 15th 

Morning Services at  10:00 am    Evening Services 7:00 pm  

Shabbat ends 8:11pm  

Count Sefirah 5 


Sunday April 16th 

Light candles at 7:08pm 

    Evening Services 7:00 pm 

Count Sefirah 6 


Monday April 17th

Morning Services at 10:00am 

Evening Services at 7:00pm

Light Candles after 8:12pm  

Count Sefirah 7 


Tuesday April 18th

Morning Services at  10:00 am          
Yizkor Memorial Service at 11:30 am

Evening Services 6:00 pm  

Meal of Moshiach 6:30pm  

        Holiday Ends at  8:12 pm

Count Sefirah 8 


Wishing you a Chag Sameach!




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