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Hebrew level 1

Hebrew level 1


Hebrew Level 1

If you can't read this,

you need classes!


Hebrew level 1

ever feel lost at Services because you can't follow the Hebrew? want to study the Torah in it's original language?Like to be more involved in your children's Jewish Education

Perhaps it,s time to learn how to read Hebrew.......

Dates: 5 Thursday evenings May 19 - June 23rd 2016

8:00pm-9:30pm at The Chabad Russian Synagogue 7636 santa Monica Blvd corner of Stanley

text books provided

$36.00 including textbooks and supplies

guaranteed to be reading Hebrew at the end of these courses

Graduates of these courses have the option of taking afterwards Hebrew level 2 which moves onto understanding Hebrew and reading fluency

to rsvp 323-650-1444

click here to sign up online

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